What Should You Consider When Buying a New Yoga Mat?

There are a number of options when buying a new mat: what it is made of, how much padding it has, its portability, and ease of cleaning to name a few.

When to buy a new yoga mat
You should replace your yoga mat every year or sooner if you begin to see signs of serious wear.

Material – Yoga mats can be made of both natural or synthetic materials. Your personal comfort preferences or what you want your impact on the environment to be may help you choose of what materials your mat is made.

Cleaning – Different mats require different methods of cleaning. You should clean your mat after every use. Whether you want to spray it down with a disinfecting cleanser or throw a cloth mat right in the washing machine is something to consider when selecting a mat. You can even find mats that are antimicrobial or antibacterial to further assist in its cleanliness over time.

Usage – How often you use your mat and even where you use your mat can be a deciding factor in what mat you choose. Are you a casual yogi practicing every now and then or are you practicing every day? Is your living room your personal studio or do you enjoy the sunset from the beach as you practice? Are you getting sweaty in a Traditional Hot Yoga class or focusing on inward meditation in Yin? Consider how you’ll use your mat as this will help you decide on the right one for you.

Cost – Let’s face it, there is a yoga mat for every budget. There are various brands and styles. How much you pay is certainly a personal preference but usually, like all things, you get what you pay for. Are you planning on replacing your it annually with a high quality mat or do you like fresh new cost effective mat every few months. Go for the right quality and lifespan for your personal practice and budget.

Stickiness – Some Yogis like a stickier mat to assist their grip while in postures while others can’t stand the feel of a “sticky” yoga mat. Others prefer the feel of cloth below their feet. Again, this is personal preference. Find out what works best for you.

Transportation – How you plan to transport your mat to and from class is a key factor in choosing a yoga mat. Are you riding your bike to class with your mat slung across your back? If so, a heavier mat may not be for you. If you travel often with your mat, you may want something thinner and packs easier. Be sure to take into consideration how you’ll be carrying your mat when deciding which is best for you.


Post time: Nov-09-2022